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When you are our client, your needs are our Top Priority. Throughout the process, you will always know that a dedicated attorney is working hard for you.

The most rewarding part of our job is helping you negotiate a difficult law matter with Confidence.

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Based on our legal experience and solid ethics, we guarantee you deeper understandings, better solutions.

We can help you. If you have any legal situation, a lack or delayed of action might result in potential losses.

Law Firm profile

Abogados de México has been recognized as one of the preeminent Inheritance and Succession, Litigation and Amparo law firms, among others, due to our highly experienced attorneys handling of complex law cases. We are also recognized as professional Succession Planning and Wealth Management Consultants.


Inheritance & Succession Law

We are experts on Inheritance and Succession matters.

1. Inheritance & Succession Planning, Business Transition Planning, Wealth Management.

2. Will, Trust, and Estate Litigation.

Family Law

We provide a special attention to matters of this kind, knowing their importance to the people and their loved ones. Our clients will have 24/7 information by our legal office in the follow-up to their disputes. Alimony, custody and care of minors, parental rights, divorce, dissolution of conjugal union, etc.

Civil Law

We are specialists in the Civil Law in Mexico. To name a few examples of the Legal affairs and disputes that we handle: Preparation of Contracts and Agreements, Real Estate lease, Compensations & Damages proceedings, prescriptions, etc.

Administrative Law

We advise and represent our clients on the prevention, dispute and challenge stages for Administrative matters.

Commercial Law

We offer comprehensive solutions to the business needs of our PYMES clients in all their business processes, avoiding to lose time, money, and foreseeing the possibility of legal problems, by helping to grow your business and investments.

Preparation of contracts and commercial agreements. Promote the use of contracts as tools that allow us prevent and protect their interests before any breach.

Review of legal processes in the Company, e-commerce, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Regulations, etc.

Criminal Law

Not having a proper defense and representation of a highly experienced attorney in Criminal Matters may be mean severe losses in your economy and your personal freedom.

Preparation of all kinds of complaints and disputes. Representation and defense in criminal litigation. Direct and Indirect Amparo Proceedings, etc.

Amparo Law

We are highly experienced attorneys in any Amparo Law disputes.


Víctor Alberto Portillo

Abogados de México | CEO & Partner

Expert on Inheritance and Succession matters. 30 years of experience in Civil, Family, Criminal, Commercial, Administrative and Constitutional Litigation.

Daniel Martínez

Abogados de México | Partner

20 years of experience. Expert on Inheritance and Succession matters.Focus on Corporate Law, Contracts and Strategic Business and Legal Consulting.


Guillermo Madrigal

Abogados de México | Associate

Focus on Insurance, Trust and other Financial instruments. Family Business Transition Planning. / IPADE. Program of Advanced Management. / MBA in Entrepreneurship & Family Business At EAE Business School, Spain.

Jorge Reyes

Abogados de México | Associate

Focus on Criminal Law. More than 20 years in Criminal Law Litigation.

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We can help you. If you have any legal situation, a lack or delayed of action might result in potential losses.

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